Kierath Ranamor
Memorial Library

.:| Quote |:.

"Some things can only be seen when you have lost everything."
-- Kierath Ranamor

.:| Vornae Proverbs |:.

"I no naka no kawazu taikai o shirazu."
A frog in a well does not know the great sea.

"Ame futte chi katamaru"
After the rain, earth hardens

.:| Libraries |:.

The Brief Personal History of Kierath Ranamor

I was born into this world as Kiroharu Mitsukuri Turowashi as the first and only son of Umi Mitsukuri Turowashi, assassin of Clan Turowashi of Miydranda. She wished better things for me than a life as she lived it, and it was that which cost her life and me my heritage.

I was raised as a human, Kier Rowan, the son of a meager apothecary in the cesspool known as Mistport. The man who raised me was far from perfect, but he did everything he could to keep me from becoming a pawn of the Thieves Guild there, including keeping my heritage a secret from me, and in the end it cost him and his wife their lives.

I later sought rebirth as a Quentari, Kierath Ranamor, in hopes of putting that past behind me, but there too I found that I was an outsider.

I learned the truth of my birth and worked hard to learn of the culture and birthright that was stolen from me. In the end, I returned to the heritage of my birth as I was adopted into my new house and clan as an honored equal.

During my life I served the elemental planes of Darkness and Dream. I was the chosen knight of a great dragon up until her passing from this world, and carried her legacy forward. I served the Autumn Court of Faerie in Tyrangel as the Arawyn Yuri's Champion, and was chosen as the one to bring balance to the Courts of Autumn and Spring in another land. Along the way I was the student to many who were gracious enough to teach me their ways, and teacher to a few who sought to learn and preserve the secrets which I accumulated.

What I learned along the way is that I was not defined by what I was, or even what I could do...I was defined by my heart and my spirit. Those who truly knew me know the generosity of my heart andhow I lived my life. To those that matter, I will live on eternally in their fond memories long after I pass into the Great Darkness to be reunited with my mother.

With honor,
~Kieroharu Mitsukuri Turowashi Tenshi Bokenjin
Arch-wizard of Lightning and Retribution
Dark Blade of the Mortal Born Queen of Autumn
First Knight of Ceryula the Wise