Kierath Ranamor
Memorial Library

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"Honor isn't about making the right choices. It's about dealing with the consequences."
-- Kierath Ranamor

.:| Vornae Proverbs |:.

"I no naka no kawazu taikai o shirazu."
A frog in a well does not know the great sea.

"Ame futte chi katamaru"
After the rain, earth hardens

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Baleful One Prophecies

As a bit of background, these are two prophecies that were provided to us by Master Minoelle of the Elven Institute of Learning and Magic in Quentari when he learned of our more recent run-ins with Ralair. They were provided to us at the August Gather in Eladhir's Haven, and I then followed up with him over the weeks between that gather and the September one.


Sundari had gained notoriety many many years ago when one of the passages in his writings was correlated to the cause of one of the great wars. Later, a subsequent passage clearly depicted the death of one of the Kings. In any case, according to Master Minoelle people are constantly looking back at Sundari's writings to see what actual events had corresponded to his writings.

He also believes it is completely possible that Ralair, or even Dremorra in general, would have access to the writings of Sundari, which would possibly explain how Ralair made the connection and mentioned Sundari by name at the August gather when we encountered him at the villiage of the rat scavengers.


It shall come to pass, in the Age of the Fire Salamander, that one who is false to all he serves shall fall, for as he is false to those who serve him, so is that which he serves false to him.

It shall come to pass, in the time following the fall of the False One, that an ancient foe shall stir from long slumber, donning a form of bone and a mantle of fear. And it shall scatter men before it, and cause nations to be torn asunder, as it did in the days of The Lost Kingdom.

It shall come to pass, in the days when the Dragon ascends the night sky, that the Baleful One shall venture forth from his mountainous bastion and travel to the Monuments of Nymeria, where the currents of the land converge at such times.

It shall come to pass, when the moon fades from the sky, that the Baleful One shall claw back the stars, and all that has been shall be undone.

It shall come to pass, in an age long forgotten, that the Baleful One shall shift his form of bone for one of flesh, and supplant his mantle of fear with one of tyranny.

It shall come to pass, in an age that never was and an age that now will never be, that the best of mortals shall fail, and all their works shall crumble to dust.

My Interpretation:

The Age of Fire Salamander is the current year, 607ER. I believe that the "False One" referred to was Malyon, both by the description in the first passage and by the second passage's reference to "ancient foe shall stir from long slumber, donning a form of bone and a mantle of fear", which is Traegor, in later passages referred to as the Baleful One.

In the third passage, the phrase "days when the Dragon ascends the night sky" is, I believe, a direct reference to the Astrological month of the Dragon (November 22 - December 22). If this is true, then Traegor's decent from his "mountainous bastion" may coincide with the market gather planned for December. This is further reinforced by the next passage's phrase "when the moon fades from the sky". The new moon during the month of the Dragon falls on December 9th, which is the final day of the market gather.

The rest of the prophecy is concerned with, I believe, what shall happen if Traegor should succeed in his plan to "claw back the stars". Some have suggested that creation itself will be undone, but that does not seem likely to me. I am more inclined to agree with those who feel that whatever Traegor will do is likely to effect time itself, possibly undoing and rewriting what we know as history into a new timeline that he can reign over with tyranny.

The one area I am not clear on is in the third passage, the reference to "travel to the Monuments of Nymeria, where the currents of the land converge at such times". I believe that we need to attempt to discover what/where this is referring to, and would very much appreciate any thoughts or assistance with this.


Hajine is far less well known as women are not generally revered as prophets and are more frequently considered raving lunatics than seers. This is probably the best thing going for us since according to Master Minoelle it is unlikely that Ralair or anyone else for that matter would have made the cross-reference. Hajine's writings were seen more as fiction than anything.

It is also important to remember that it was tucked in Hajine's writings that the Beseechment ritual was found.


When the Gifted fail Tyrra thrice
Realms fall under the Baleful One's yoke
The best of their efforts cannot suffice
Yet even now, do not lose hope

The Gifted shall rise, though not alone
But with those who heed their call
Yet call not Tyrra home

At high noon shall they beseech
Any and all within their reach
A staff of birch, a circle drawn
Casters twelve, of book or brawn

These twelve corners, in each aspect
Must speak the words within their souls
For in Tyrra, all twelve connect
And that is what shall keep her whole

My Interpretation:

This prophecy concerns the Beseechment Ritual that was performed in August, and enlisting the help of the twelve elemental planes. It is actually rather straightforward in that the text of the ritual was found with it, and we performed the ritual as described.

As you are likely aware, representatives from four of the planes (Dream, Reason, Order, and Chaos) answered the call and agreed to help us retrieve the four weapons of power we now hold. It was said that through these weapons, a killing blow would be able to be struck against Traegor, and when that occurs they will be able to capture and trap his spirit in a space between the planes.