Kierath Ranamor
Memorial Library

.:| Quote |:.

"Honor isn't about making the right choices. It's about dealing with the consequences."
-- Kierath Ranamor

.:| Vornae Proverbs |:.

"I no naka no kawazu taikai o shirazu."
A frog in a well does not know the great sea.

"Ame futte chi katamaru"
After the rain, earth hardens

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Blackstone Persona of Note

It seems that there are going to be more than the normal share of out of town visitors this weekend. From personal experiences, I know it can be a real pain to show up somewhere new and find yourself constantly asking who the various people are. I thought I might make up a short list of some of the principle personalities that you might run across in your time spent in Blackstone. This list is by no means exhaustive, but it should help people recognize a few of the more prominent local characters.


Rainbow is a female creature of the plane of Fae. She has wings, long metallic looking eyelashes and dresses in clothes similar to her namesake. She almost always shows up at one time or another whenever I visit in Blackstone. Sometimes she will have other Fae with her, but often she is seen alone. Most of the time when she shows up she asks people to play games. The most common one is where people are asked to draw a stick from her pouch, and if the proper stick is chosen, the player receives a prize. Rainbow is generally friendly and harmless, but all the normal warnings about Fae definitely apply. From what I understand, she is well connected, and woe to anyone who does her serious harm.


Silas is some odd sort of sage. Whenever I have seen him he has the appearance of an elf with blue markings on his face, but it has been hinted that he really isn't an elf. A while back he came into conflict with the local nobility over some experiments he was performing to try to combine various elementals, but that was cleared up. From time to time he shows up and consults with adventurers, and asks them questions and seeks information. He has considerable formal casting abilities, and one point he made the offer to grant various transforms to people who would meet his terms.


Xavier is the proprietor of the Imporium Arcanus, which is a shop of magic down on the dockside. Xavier had his grand opening last month. His shop sells magic components, curious, scholarly supplies and the like, and Xavier travels the lands seeking items and knowledge with which to use as trade. He is somewhat short, bald, dresses in very fine black clothing, and is usually seen with a cane topped with silver skulls.

Meshach, Viktor and Ormus

I think I got these names right. These guys are some vampires that have been kicking around Blackstone since early last year. Meshach is responsible for the permanent deaths of both Strider De'kiernan and Ramsus Belmont. I believe they still show up from time to time. I was told that Viktor and Meshach were creeping about late Sunday at last months gathering. I'm also told these are the don't mess with them unless you bring the whole town with you kind of vampires, but that may be just hyperbole.


I have no clue what this character is supposed to be. He shows up really late when there isn't a lot of people around and challenges people to various games like poker. He plays for high stakes, like my magic item versus your magic item, winner of the hand takes all. I think you can recognize him by the peasant hat he wears. If gambling is your game, and you like the stakes really high, then he is your man.

Lord Severon

Lord Severon is one of the local nobles. He is of medium height with pale skin and reddish hair, and dresses in black. I think he normally has a distinctive medallion as well, but I can't properly recall. He stays very well informed, and can be a wealth of information. He is also very strict and highly moralistic.

Roderick Huntington, Count of Darksands County

Firelight Cove is in Darksands County, and Roderick Huntington is the Count. He comes from a very old family, and his background is in the navy. He is thin and wears glasses, and the only time I saw him he was wearing a long purple frock coat with lots of big brass buttons. It gave him something of the appearance of a pirate captain. I've heard that as an ex-military man he is really big on formality.


Mclauris is a lich who has made several appearances over the past couple of gathers. He has some affinity with both time and ice, which he seems to have gotten through his relationships with all the principles in the Proto/Pyromorgis affair. You know you are fighting his undead horde if he is there, because he always shouts out some sort of pretentious sounding gibberish at the start of every battle. It is something like “Tempurum sactorum victorus pi!” or something like that. If it means anything, or if it has any real effect, I'm unaware of it. We've killed him a time or two, but he is most likely bottled.

Eye of Blue

Not really a person per se, but a newcomer at the last gather was the Eye of Blue. The town was visited by a basket sized silver floating eyeball that glowed blue. It floated around the town and tavern and looked everything over. It seemed harmless at first, but when it started a destroy formal magics on the earth circle things went south. It was eventually disrupted by Viscount Mithrilmyst casting a dispel magic spell on it. It rifted back in a few moments later and cast a handful of death spells before being dispelled again.

General Sorbane

I may have this name horribly wrong, but I think this is what he is called. There is a renegade faction of elves from the past who are rampaging about Blackstone, which they claim as their own. It's a long story. General Sorbane is their leader. He is very easy to recognize. He wields a polearm and wears a suit of silver armor with glowing sigils on it, and he is generally surrounded by about two dozen celestial templar elves all lighting you up with dragons breaths. If you end up fighting the General and his crew, you will be hearing “I call forth…” in your sleep. We've fought them in the past with mixed results.


Fachtna is usually found in Therendry, but she put in an appearance last month so I thought I would mention her. She is some sort of power of chaos, though I'm not sure what her particular agenda happens to be. I believe she is listed as Kill on Sight in Therendry (good luck and pack a lunch), but I don't know what her status is in the lands of Blackstone. I know she takes a certain interest in matters relating to the recent planar rips. When I saw her last month she was accompanied by Strider De'Kiernan, formally a Knight of Blackstone, and since his death a minion (?) of chaos. She is short and dark, with long black hair. I believe she tends to favor red velvet dresses.