Kierath Ranamor
Memorial Library

.:| Quote |:.

"Honor isn't about making the right choices. It's about dealing with the consequences."
-- Kierath Ranamor

.:| Vornae Proverbs |:.

"I no naka no kawazu taikai o shirazu."
A frog in a well does not know the great sea.

"Ame futte chi katamaru"
After the rain, earth hardens

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The Greyhelm Expedition

This is a copy of Dame Miranda Silverwood's original report to His Majesty, King Mykel Endarr II regarding the first mission to Greyhelm.

A report from Dame Miranda Silverwood to His Majesty, King Mykel Endarr II

The party that set out from Evendarr City consisted of 4 fighters (our leader - Sir Tolean Grayhelm, Fadrok Blackdon, Imiri Nelann, and Reskar Wildwing), 1 Celestial templar (Ravasa Melmere), 3 Earth templars (Dame Sabel Dunmir, Nica Jenen, and Miranda Silverwood), 1 Celestial scholar (Raroc Cairnseeker), 4 Earth scholars (Dame Maewynn Kareria, Sir Finad Brackbury, Kiri Bluewarden, and Sekma Daemondayl), and 3 rogues (Aldan Firecombe, Rulae Talion, and Alayenn Duskthorn). The party was to accompany Master Nigel Pereme of the Royal Cartographer's Guild to map and scout the lands to the south of Mydian.

Travel through Mydian was uneventful. We continued down the river for slightly over an hour after leaving the lands of Mydian. We landed and set up camp in the village that had been described to us by Ambassador Ralair. Things were found to be as he had said, and we set up camp and raised a large Earth circle around the central building. Sir Grayhelm ordered that everyone would sleep within the circle and that a watch of 4 people would be posted, changing every 3 hours. Those on watch reported seeing zombies and skeletons along the tree line overnight, but none came near the circle.

The next day half of us escorted Master Pereme so that he could map out the area, while the other half explored the woods surrounding the town. Both expeditions were uneventful, and found no traces of any other beings. Sir Grayhelm had given orders that everyone be within the circle by nightfall, so we returned to the camp early in the evening. An hour after nightfall, zombies began to come out of the woods in groups of 4 to 8. We counted a total of 178 zombies before there were so many that we could not see past them to continue counting. They all came up to the circle, and spent the entire night pushing up against it, moaning and clawing at the air. They retreated just before sunrise.

When we left the village that morning, we could find no trace of the zombies; their tracks vanished when they went into the trees. That day we finished scouting the area, and Sir Grayhelm announced that we would be leaving in the morning, since the presence of numerous undead had been confirmed. As night fell, zombies came out of the woods again, much like the previous night, except that this time there were skeletons with them as well. We watched nervously as they clawed at the borders of our circle, but Sir Grayhelm reassured us and ordered us to hold our ground, since they could not pass through the circle. As time passed, they were joined by more powerful undead: wraiths, specters, skeletal warriors, death squires, and others that no one in our party recognized.

About two hours after nightfall, when the village was packed with undead as far as we could see, a strange light came out from the woods. It looked like a bank of fog, but it glowed with a dim greenish light. It moved slowly through the undead towards our circle. We could not see well through the wall of zombies, but it seemed that the undead parted to let it pass. Sir Grayhelm ordered us into battle formation, since we were unsure what this thing was and what it might do. It passed through our circle as if it was not there. As soon as it crossed through, Dame Kareria (who had several Stakes of Woe), cast three Solidifies at it, with no apparent effect. The mist began to swirl and formed into very large zombies, some of whom we recognized as having previously been outside the circle. Sir Brackbury, Imiri, Sekma, and Rulae panicked, probably thinking the circle had fallen. They ran out of the circle and were quickly taken by the undead outside. We defeated the first group of zombies easily, mainly due to Dame Kareria and Kiri's Banes of the Dead. As we were finishing them off, however, more mist was entering our circle, forming into a seemingly never-ending stream of skeletons, zombies, wraiths, specters, skeletal warriors, and other undead.

Sir Grayhelm ordered Dame Dunmir and Dame Kareria to stand behind him and Fadrok. Dame Dunmir was to heal them, Dame Kareria was to cast Bane of the Dead, and the rest of us were to retreat back to the ship, with Kiri, Nica, and myself clearing a path. We were to wait for them for 15 minutes, and then cast off and return to Evendarr City. We followed his orders and fought our way back to the ships. It was a difficult battle, and along the way Nica, Ravasa, and Alayenn fell and could not be recovered. Reskar, Raroc, Kiri, Aldan, Master Pereme, and I waited at the ship for some time. Just as we were losing hope, we saw Fadrok break out of the treeline, fighting off a mob of undead. Reskar, Raroc and I fought our way to him, healed him, and helped him back to the ship. He told us that Sir Grayhelm, Dame Kareria, and Dame Dunmir had fallen, and that more powerful undead were flooding into the area. I assessed what spells we had left and decided that any attempt to rescue the fallen would be suicide, so we drove back the undead that were trying to board the ship and cast off to return to Evendarr.

In service to Evendarr,
Miranda Silverwood