Kierath Ranamor
Memorial Library

.:| Quote |:.

"Honor isn't about making the right choices. It's about dealing with the consequences."
-- Kierath Ranamor

.:| Vornae Proverbs |:.

"I no naka no kawazu taikai o shirazu."
A frog in a well does not know the great sea.

"Ame futte chi katamaru"
After the rain, earth hardens

.:| Libraries |:.

Gypsy Prophecy

This is a copy of a letter found on December 16, 606ER in Eladhir's Haven, Greyhelm.

To my trusted gypsy guardian

I am sending this to you because the time is near

Remember the prophecy that we were told as children. It's true. I have found the ancient scrolls of this prophecy. It tells of the nine gypsy princes coming back to claim the land to rid Tyrra of its taint of chaos. The scrolls read of nine family princes, some of them are the red prince, the princess of morning, the wolf prince, the ocean prince, the prince of Gypsy life, and some others I will discuss the rest latter. So far I have translated, when all nine are found and unite the clans. The King and Queen of the gypsies will come back to bring Tyrra to balance. The time is getting near. There will be signs to watch for. The first of them one of them will be random glyph appearing at night the gypsies will know them from their childhood stories. Just please try to keep it quiet for now.

The prophecy began in ancient times when the lands where balanced and all clans were as one. The nine princes of the king and queen entered a high stake card game and lost, they lost their titles and their power over Tyrra, the lands became unstable and chaos started getting stronger. This is also where Tyrra started her fight and trying herself to regain control. It had been a struggle without the gypsy princes help. And she awaits for the day they come back to take their place in the balance, so she can rest again.

We will need to make sure we identify these gypsies and secure their survival for if one dies and does not come back then all is lost for another 30 or so years. I have gotten word that they are all alive and of age at this time so he prophecy has started. I do have a magic relic that tells me that all nine are alive and if one dies. As long as it glows the prophecy will continue and hopefully be fulfilled. We must keep this secret for the time being until these scrolls are translated fully. I will be bringing you a list of the clan names for where these princes are. For they probably do not know themselves of who they really are. And they won't until they confront the relic. The relic will show them who hey are and what they need to do. So just stead fast and await further information

The Gypsy Scribe and Historian