Kierath Ranamor
Memorial Library

.:| Quote |:.

"Honor isn't about making the right choices. It's about dealing with the consequences."
-- Kierath Ranamor

.:| Vornae Proverbs |:.

"I no naka no kawazu taikai o shirazu."
A frog in a well does not know the great sea.

"Ame futte chi katamaru"
After the rain, earth hardens

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Transcription of Kylou Arimonte's Journal

Febuary 19, 607

It seems like all I have done for the past few months is read. Searching through every book in Addicus's keep. Mostly his journals. I tell you i dont think there is more dull reading than the minutes of a noble meeting about a problem with an uprising of goblins, heh. But to help rid some of my bordum I figured I would try this writing down stuff. My thoughts and what not I guess.

It really dawned on me recently, the majority of people will accept necromancy. Such a ditestable thought. Even Travador spoke in defence of a civilization that harbors and even celebrates the scourge to the very earth itself, necromancey. I mean does the masses really have no care for the Earth?

On a lighter note I am now on the look outs for a beautiful elven girl. I used to find the pointy ears and lack of an accent to be a turn off. But thanks to the words of wisdom from Akoya, its seems I have had a bit of a change of heart, heh. I think she said something along the lines of, "look at it this way when your 90 she will still be young and hot." heh. true words of wisdom.

Well back to my reading.

February 25, 607

Wow Sinai wrote in my book, heh. I am almost more so surprised that there is peoples reading this. Much less Sinai. I think my penmanship and grammar causes her pain, heh. But any who..

So yeah I went to this gather in Tyrangel. Thankfully enough it was not like the last one I went to were I was the only one in the town that would call me friend.. Well I wouldn't cause i try not to talk to myself, but i figure it makes my point all the same, heh. So yeah.. I had cursed Keir during the gather in Tyrangel Saturday day.. I will admit i still feel it was justly done, but I would not have done it if i had seriously thought about it for 5 more minutes before just throwing it out there. But in the end my own family had betrayed me. Jade removed the curse minutes after I had it placed on Keir. She was not taught the insult that is to another gypsy, but still is it not common sense that something like a curse being put up by a family member, you should at least consult the person who put it up. That and Patches did even say Jade don't remove it as Amaris called her over like her personal lap dog.

Aramis seems to seek to cause problems for me. Immediately after having my family betray me she tried to turn Patches on me. But Patches being the honorable gypsy he is, sided with me on the issue. And! Tyrra bless him for this, Ileneer, or however his name is spelled, spoke up in my defense. But in the end all i have to say about the whole thing is, I do wish i had more patience...

So I have now cast jester magic. Amaris did see me and did not punish me so i guess that means I had permission, heh. It was... interesting. I started with drawing out the scene in which I stood. From there i started drawing more and more, then suddenly, BAAM! Lightning came from the sky and struck my paper. In shock i shut the cantrip tomb i was drawing in. As I set there curiosity ate at me, picking at my mind, seeming to say over and over, keep going. I opened the book again. I crotch to the ground like a child with a shiny stone inspecting it wondering what could be done. I looked to the ground and pointed fingers at the ground and took a deep breath. "I call forth a lightning blast!" Energy shot from my finger and formed into a ball of crackling lightning. It hit the ground and dispersed. Me in utter amazement, considering I can't even read magic, heh, I had to continue at this point. I asked the verbal for a lightning blot. Looking to Tallinn, I pointed my fingers towards him and said the verbal. Lightning again came from my hand and hit him. I am surprised i did not get beaten for that heh. But then sitting there i was like uh, what do I do now? So sitting there I placed my pen to the paper and saw what seem like a flash of lightning from behind my eyes. I should have known better than to put a metal pen against i piece of paper that got zapped with lightning, heh. But then I tried to stop. Not knowing much of anything of how to stop it i tried just saying everything was balanced like the scales were off and i said they go back to normal. And then the paper felt like it weighed more than even a Giant could hold up. Then my spirit was ripped apart and I feel over and needed a life spell. Then Tevlos burned it and then he feel over and needed a life spell too.

In short i learned my lesson. When you get things like lightning striking your paper, you should just stop then and there. That and stupid does hurt. REALLY REALLY hurts

So yeah I learned some painful lessons, the most painful that even family can betray you..

February 26, 207

Before I begin writing in MY book I need to address something.

How rude! people writing in MY book! I tell you I figured nobles would have more manners than to write mean things in someone else's property. And in fact that is, if I am not mistaken a form of arson. But then again I already told you about all that Amaris, heh. Before even reading your rude notes in my journal and what not.

So anyways now that I have addressed any rude people putting unwanted notes and etcetera, heh. But seriously I don't care either way. I Do think it odd, that people write in my book at will. I mean this doesn't look like a public tree. Well maybe with enough Hilcenoids, heh.

So I guess I got called an idiot. Normally gypsys like to throw around curses and such for such insults. Heh. I guess its good I know that someone would not so blantively do something like that unless so completely ignorant of Gypsy culture, or either very very very stupid, heh.

But thinking about it just know I really don't seem to care too much who reads this. I mean if someone wishes to take the time to travel to Addicus's keep to write in my book, then by all means, but to travel all this way to just write something mean..

But im not writing this for other people, heh. So back to what i love to talk about the most, myself, heh.

So I finally got myself a copy of all the laws. Yeah interesting reading. The writers of all the laws had to be Fae, heh. Only a Fae would write something so easily twisted into meaning so many things. I mean Assault for instance. It does not say in "The Laws of Civilized Society" that gypsy cursing someone is assault. But then again nobles can twist it and say it says magic and a gypsy curse at its essence is magical, heh. or is it. Interesting thought, what determines magic to be, well magic. and if you want to leave notes in my book pertaining to magic, by all means, and also for correcting my view of someone's character, and not in an insulting way as Sinai so graciously did, heh.

But all the same it all is just interesting reading.

So yeah, im surprised no one seemed to catch on to my whole point of what i wrote yesterday. and I will even quote it, "stupid does hurt. REALLY REALLY hurt". I figured i would be congratulated on finally learning that lesson, but instead, nasty notes wear written all in my property without my permission. I mean I even told that story at my own endangerment of being caught in breaking a law so that people could learn from my mistakes, and I will be punished for it. But then again i guess that is Amaris for you. It saddens me to say such. I mean she truly has much wisdom. And i do wish i could respect that, but sadly I can only see hypocrisy. And im sure I will be charged with mocking a noble or treason or something now, but the truth is things like the time someone rushed in the tavern and announced that there was a vampire in the town. the entire town jumps to their feet and prepares to dispatch an undead creature, which last i checked it was against the law to be undead in evendar, but Amaris still in her seat tried to call back Bane and Portia, saying, "Ehh, they got it." Some would call me an idiot or a fool for so freely saying what is on my mind. Me i just think this life is all of to short not to say what be on your mind and heart. And some would say it will get your killed. But the only problem is I would have to fear death, heh. I have already died 6 times. And I keep coming back. Each time I do die, all I can think is this the time i get to be with my wife and son again.

Its been several years now. Since the monster known as Kaufe killed my family. I was told only 7 family of the like 50 family and 10 didiki survived. The bastard made them into zombies and had them kill each other. Many did not resurrect as it seemed he sucked their spirits from their bodies. *random spots on the paper that look like drops of water can been seen and then next line is wrote with what seems like a trembling hand* I have wrote enough for today.

March 1, 607

So I have been running around for like the past few days trying to figure out what the hell is happening with this whole trial. But in short I am being brought up on charges and stuff for casting jester magic. I do feel bad though cause i will end up probably walking out with nothing being done to me. And I'm sure that when any of the nobles read this they will be like oh its on now. Kylou gonna burn, but for some reason i just think that won't happen. Call it erogence, call it stupidity, call it whatever, who knows really heh.

I will feel bad though if I make an idiot of all those doing the trial against me. But I will say this. After all is said and done with Portia deserves more respect than I think anyone. Honoring not only her oaths, but also the ways of gypsy. Deffinitely on a fast road to didiki, heh.

But yeah some times i wonder if the world just works with me and grants me enormous ammounts of dumb luck. I mean my life is one long story of dumb luck heh. But im going to sleep now. Too much thinking been giving me a headache!

March 02, 607

So it seems that I said something wrong... I did not mean I would simply prance around like this was not important. It makes me said. Even though i feel i have a good grasp on the common tongue i still get confused as to how to express what I am thinking. Like I meant i feel like I have done nothing wrong, but as the nobles being just and good people, I am 100% positive that justice will prevail. Yeap.

So yeah. All that is on my mind is wow I have a full on trial coming up in like one month. I kind of look forward to it. I know that is all kinds of weird considering i could be obliterated or something, but strangely death is not a great fear. Hmm... Now what would be bad is being a man servant to Amaris. Not that i dislike the woman, heh, Its just as Portia put it, out personalities are quit opposite and in this cause opposites repeal, heh.

But then again... Well i will actually not say that. Aw dammit... I let the consiquences of my actions actually dawn on me and detour me from doing something stupid, heh. Maybe there is hope for me yet, heh.

Oh well, So anyways I was walking in the woods today. I found this plant that I haven't seen in quite a while. It was a herb used for making an alchemical substance. I used to love the knowledge of alchemy. Just being able to make all kinds of fun things like sleep poisons and paralisys gases. Nothing says the starts of a good night like a goblin and then bendy possy, heh.

Strange how things change. Like living with family Tsuara not but four years ago. They were so different from the gypsy I have found everywhere else. Dont get me wrong i love the change just somewhat reminising. Back in the days of being a cook, heh. Much simpler life. Adventuring is so much a hassle. Not without its great rewards, but still is a burden in short, but its one i can bear heh, is i don't get myself killed by my stupidity biting me in arse.

ANd oh yeah feel free to leave comments. Just please do not insult me, its upseting and i wish not to be pissed with anyone, cause then i exchange insult for curse and then everyone is pissed off, and it never ends well...

March 05, 607

So it seems lady dumb luck is on my side again, heh. I think only by her good graces have I survived this long, heh. But my sentencing has cleared up a lot. And wow I have a great new respect for some people that I knew little of. Funny how you go knowing someone but knowing how great a person they are till years after meeting them. GO figuring.I knows I do Thank my ancestors for what seems like the drawing conclusion of this two week long head ache known as my enpending doom, heh.

Well I need to get back to talking with Patches. You know I wonder what his real name is... Is it really Patches... Strange strange strange strange name to have been given at birth.... Hmm..

March 8, 607

I am bored. Mindlessly bored. All the drama with all the nobles wanting to burn me alive was so entertaining. I mean it was so Chaotic.. Wait.. I am getting to wonder, is chaos still bad without the void tainted in it. I mean in theroy i guess not. I mean a hurrican is chaotic, but it is off the earth. So i guess in short that only leaves undead and void taint and all being bad. Yeap.

So anyways had a very strange run in with this farm girl. And considering to tell the story in a way to honor the situation like it deserves. Kids go away. Don't read this. So anyways I was walking to have a chat with this woman, well hell last night. Nothing interesting there. Don't get me wrong she is beautiful and all, but not quite my type, and i think I am anything but "her type" and besides she is betrothed or however that is spelled. But I had left out early and was kind of wondering off the road here and there. In my wonderings I came across this small farm house. I would have just kept walking but I saw an orc dragging a what seemed like a lifeless woman inside. She was badily beaten and wounded. So me being the gentlemen I am rushed to her aid.

A crept to a window that was cracked open. Careful placing my feet as not to make much noise from leaves and twigs being crushed beneath my feet. My heart thumped away like a barbarian war drum. I started to get a bit light headed from the rushing of blood through my veins. I slowly raised my head to peak in. I saw the orc that was dragging the girl throw her body on top of what looked like a family. Not knowing how long since they had been killed I had to act fast. I flung open the shutters and lanch all four sleep spells I can cast per day. My Maiden, Lady Dumb Luck, was with me that night. All four hit four orcs standing there square in the four head. My jaw dropped as I knew it was her graces that made my magics fly so well. The four orcs swayed a second, then comicly they all feel head first into each other. With a loud THUNK their heads collided. I laughed quit loudly at the sight of it, but the problem was, it was loud enough to attracted the other ten orcs standing on the other side of the building. the first three that saw me reared back their battle axes and LARGE hammers and let out a war cry as they charged me. Side stepping the first entirely he ran into the wall and knocked himself out. THe other two i hit with a simple bind spell. They both turned around to ask for help getting their arms un stuck. I took the oppritunity to hit the four family human laying what i presummed was dead on the floor with a life spell. They gasped as life reentered them. Quickly saying one word, "hide." I turned back to the orcs.

They had one of their shamans with them so he released them. I knew i would have to fight them toe to toe to come out of this alive. I reached in my bag pulling three large feathers. Breaking them in half one by one i cast what formal magics i could to ready myself. I chanted out a contengency cure serious wound and two tyrra's claws. They noticed I was readying myself for battle. They laughed as they were sure of there victory to come. I pulled one claw to my check and cut it for my blood to run out just a bit. I laughed and said, "That right there will be the only blood of mine that is spilled tonight." I know I know, egotistical, but i needed to make sure I was in the mind set of my business is killing. is buisness is good, heh.

The first five charged me. the two that were closest were wilding two handed swords with one hand and they swung them wildly. I ducked the first sword but the second caught my right claw as I blocked. The sheer force of the blow knocked me to my side and into the cabin wall. I pushed off with my shoulder and swung valiently at both their heads. They move slightly back to dodge, but with my other claw as I passed i accidently caught both of their throats. With a girgle and blood running down their chest now they fell to the ground. The other three ran straight into the other two. I looked up to have one of the orc's blood splash out at me as his own sword had ran through his stomache. The other two before they could get up I took two hard swipes and looped off their heads.

I turned to the other four. In my mind all I could think is OH TYRRA! I JUST FREAKIN DID THAT! HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN! MY LADY IS WATCHING OUT FOR ME TONIGHT! Of course i kept my cool slightly panting to keep my heart from pounding out of my chest. I grunted and shouted, "IF YOU WANT TO LIVE RUN NOW!" The shaman smirked thinking he was going to gain the uphand of this stand off threw a healing spell at one of the orcs. I swung my claw out and tipped it with the end. The energy wrapped itself around me as I swung that claw wildly at the shaman. Landing four blows, one across the face two on his chest and one final blow across his stomache. I leaned in with a grunt and showed my teeth trying to be as ferocious as possible. I looked to the other three two turned to run but the one final one stood there like a giant. He stood taller than the house and his hammer was almost the size he was. He grunted out something. I think he said you tiny me crush. Not completely sure, heh. But he took up his hammer. And a froze completely. I know this was going to hurt and I am going to end up in a ressurection circle. Time slowed as he pulled the hammer back. I kept thinking dammit legs get to moving! But all i could do was stand scared out of my wits. All I could even hear was my own heart beat as it slowed getting ready to stop all together as soon as it was flattened, along with the rest of my body. I came to my sinces remembering that old woman I helped and she gave me a once ever shatter item. I launched that shatter spell straight at the orcs chest. Seeing it sailing through the air time again slowed. I saw it going straight at his chest, suddenly for whatever unknown reason it seemed like it shot straight upward. I watched it go from about at his chest and then over his head. My jaw dropped as I knew, oh damn. Im boned. I closed my eyes and dropped my head.

THe next thing I know I am being showered with wood splinters. I look up to see the hammer's head crash into the skull of the giant orc. THe only thing I could have figured is the shatter hit the handle of the hammer, or something. I blinked thinking what a weird dream. I rubbed my eyes even pintched myself trying to wake up. Cause no way in Tyrra could ever this much dumb luck be with a person. I kept pinching myself until the door to the cabin creaked open. The young girl that I saw being dragged in the cabin peaked her head out. She wispered, "Are they gone?" Quickly looking around all eight of the orcs lieing their. I laughed and responded,"Apparently, heh." SHe walked out hesitantly and noticed all the bodies of the orcs. SHe put her hand over her mouth and looked on in shock. I waved my hands and released the magic so my hand would return to normal. She looked over to me with tears in her eyes and said,"Thank you. You have save me, my family and our farm. Please come in we will get you and your clothes cleaned. It is the least we could do."

So pretty much from there they drew me a bath cleaned my clothes and feed me a very nice meal. As being tired over the whole ordeal they offered me that I may stay the night in their barn. Just wanting sleep I took them up on that offer. And really I would have stayed the night even, if not for the beautiful girl, um what was her name again, oh well, coming bothering me, then her father finding us and chaseing me off with a pitch fork, heh.

Well until a new story to the amazing life that is mine comes by I figure I will be done wirting, heh.

March 22, 607

Welp I need to get sanity marbles made for me.. The only problem is how much it takes to get something rendered. I mean damn 11 power components alone! Maybe i could make a deal with a sorceror king. But then next thing you he will own part of me or something. Which just won't be good. Maybe i could trade 5 bottle of wine for all i need. Hmm, but oh well i will get it done. Cause i need my marbles.. This continual having what sanity i have left leak out of my head sucks.

But yeah for those who weren't there I had an interesting weekend in Elenir's Heavan or whatever its called. that nice city up in greyforge, heh. It started with me and most the town taking on a chaos ooze thingy. it sucked to say the least. But it waqs fun, me this other guy that praises my healing ability up there, the count and the guildmaster of magicks, were the only ones fighting the big bad ass ooze guy. It was fun! I had my claw and was going to town on it. I got droped a few times but was quickly picked back up. I mean being a healer you shouldn't ever toe to toe something, but then again some times it works, heh. But yeah at that point i was completely tapped out. so all i had was a claw and a elemental healing pull. So i figured i would make myself useful, heh. Did i mention the rest of the town was just chilling out in the tavern? Nothing against them its just they were tapped and were just happy to see the thing leaving.

But some more interesting stuff. I got a new staff. It is an odd magickal item indeed. It can mighty slay stuff for an additional 20 dagger blows twice a day. Then it has some earth spells in it and also only someone with staff skill can use it. Its called "your kidding, right." Then i got the tiny box of whoop ass. WHich though 9 level of celestial spell store is nice, but honestly i think it could be put to more use in someone else's hands. BUt then again it would be nice. ooo i need earth spell store. That would be very nice. just having 9 levels of spell store and be able to store my earth spells when i have extra. That or put like a bunch of low level cures in it and just hand it to a green fighter and tell them to keep people up, heh. I had a necklace like that. It was very nice. but i got eaten by a bear i think or something. I don't know i went off in the woods alone to find who i thought was Akoya, but she wasn't there, then i woke up in the earth circle. That weekend sucked. I thik my ancestors try and teach the lesson its bad to flaunt magic items. But im not too worried if i lose both of these. I will put them to good use, but material possesions are some what a waste of time. I mean why value anything that rust and time will destroy.

SO yeah other than that i found out the greatness that is a repel. Me and another guy took down this giant undead lizard with just a bane the dead and a repel. Quit funny cause that thing got straight up pissed off, HAH! ANd then these bats wouldn't leave me alone. I killed them though, but still damn bats...

So yeah in short was a fun weekend, but not a whole lot of really important stuff happened. Wait! I forgot, Arimonte family grows! We have two new Didiki, Um the older guy and Sandrine. Both of which will hopefully be gypsy soon, heh. I mean both need to be if you ask me. One already speaks in accent most the time, and can drink with the best of us, and Sandrine, well it would only make her hotter if she had an accent, heh. But in short i need to go do something with my time nows.

April 23, 607

I am left confused and dumb founded. Emotions are such a burden. Confusing my me beyond all hopes of return, heh. I mean why will is it that for whatever unknown reason I can not shake this thought what so ever. Normally i do so well to not allow my attractions to any female bother me this much. It is dumb founding..

Probably just need to find me a woman for a night have a few hard drinks and I will be over this stupidity, heh. But, then again who knows. Last time I was dumb enough to let myself feel this way I got married, heh. Hopefully this time I will snap to my senses and learn from past mistakes.. All any relationship has to offer is pain in the end.

Wow, time has passed in what seems like a blink of an eye. It will have been four years since her death. And my sons.. I miss them more than words can express. I still can see images of her in my mind and her struggled out last words "find your happiness".

*small spots that look like were water have caused bits of the ink to run and smear*

When I think about this I don't know what to ever do with myself. I feel as if I am lost in the woods and have been walking in circles for days. I *the ink has ran from the drops of liquid* . All I know is *smirred* have to find my happiness. Rayne, why did you ask to try and refind something that only you brought me.