Kierath Ranamor
Memorial Library

.:| Quote |:.

"Honor isn't about making the right choices. It's about dealing with the consequences."
-- Kierath Ranamor

.:| Vornae Proverbs |:.

"I no naka no kawazu taikai o shirazu."
A frog in a well does not know the great sea.

"Ame futte chi katamaru"
After the rain, earth hardens

.:| Libraries |:.

Draft of the Mydian Republic Charter

It should be mentioned that the draft of the Mydian Republic Charter held below is just that - a draft.

It was Lord Lighthammer's understanding that the signing of the draft was but a first step towards creating a final document, that was to be discussed at the end of the current month in Whetstone. If this is incorrect, I would officially request to be alerted to this, as it may change Palara's final vote as to whether supporting the burgeoning Republic, and it's inclusion in it.

Below is the draft that Lord Lighthammer brought back to Whetstone, and that now sits in our administrative libraries awaiting formal approval.

Danke Thistlebeard
Administrative Librarian, Whetstone, Palara
Aid to Grandmaster, Grandforeman Gristletooth

The Mydian Alliance:

A proposed Republic for the free peoples of Mydian

The purpose of the Alliance is to form an overarching Republic of representatives to interact with allies and enemies of the Mydian valley.

The power and drive for the Republic will have to be mandated by its denizens. Unlike many of the other kingdoms of Tyrra, the Mydian Valley has no creature that inhabits it that has the power or authority to instill a divine mandate to rule. Therefore, any power the Valley shall accrue shall be through the strength and determination of its free people.

This Republic will not be free from corruption. The Republic will be imperfect. We, as mortals, do not have the insight to span the coming years, decades, or centuries. However, because of imperfections the people of the Republic will be able to 'reform' their government to adapt it to the current needs and times, as situations arise.

This Republic will need to be created through cooperation and compromise by all those peoples whom wish to see peace reign. The compromise lies in the idea that some of the local peoples, groups and tribes release some of their powers and rights in order to create an umbrella government that will be forged by its people. The groups and tribes will still have power but the Republic will provide protection and an 'officiality' that can be spoken to and compromised with by other nations and powers.

If there is something wrong within the Republic, then those who have the ability to take action have the responsibility to take action.

Province vs. Republic:

The 'Republic':

The Republic is the overarching government that is needed to become realized in order for unified protection against enemies of the Republic of Mydian and become a common banner that the Mydian Valley and her populations can fall behind.

The State should consist of five (5) council members chosen by the 'Province' leaders. Each council member should have a specialized area of thought; while these areas of thought do not give them 'sole authority' in their area, it will provide the council with an informed viewpoint to better guide their actions. It should be noted that all council members should be as enlightened in all “specialized areas” as possible so that they are not found ignorant and thus tricked into making uneducated decisions. The fields proposed are: Commerce, Military, External Affair, Internal Affairs, Technology.

The Republic will need to have a freestanding army made of volunteers from the different 'provinces'. The primary purpose of the Republic of Mydian's army is to fight any enemies of the Republic of Mydian and serve as guards for travelers from outside the Republic of Mydian. In short, they are to handle any militaristic duties that concern the external affairs of the Republic; including aggressive and defensive actions.

The Republic will need to establish laws that are upheld in all 'Provinces' that are part of the Alliance. The enforcement of these laws will be left up to 'Province officials. The intent of these laws is that no one can break a 'State' law and seek refuge in a neighboring 'Province'. These laws and their punishments will have to be favorable and agreed upon by the majority of the Republic's 'Provinces'. Examples might include but are not limited to: Murder, Slavery, etc.

The Provinces may address this council with thoughts, seeking aid, or grievances by appointed representatives.

The council will not have any representatives that are 'higher powers' nor shall they have any transforms or ways of being 'supernaturally' manipulated (via taints or marks). Higher powers are such creatures as, though not limited to: Spirits, Elementals, Icons, Supernatural creatures (Dragons, Gryphons, Beholders) and Fey.

If the government is to be made by the people then it will need to be made by its people. The reasoning is that it is unlikely that these creatures will have the Republic's mortal denizens' best interest at heart.

If a 'higher power' wishes to address the council they may petition the council for an audience. This does not guarantee an audience, a 'higher being' will have to go through the same process that any 'Province' representative would. A 'forced' audience should be construed as an act of hostility against the Republic as a whole.

The Republic will also be consulted when any foreign diplomats, foreign nobility, foriegn knights, official merchants representing other lands, or individuals of courtly station enter the lands of Mydian.

Diplomats with official business will be able to speak with the council and establish any official trade or diplomatic agreements. Diplomats may be entitled to any protection and hospitalities that the council deems fit during their stay in the Republic's combined Provinces.

Merchants may have to pay taxes or tariffs in order to sell goods or services in Republic lands. Any merchants selling goods without proper permits are subject to punishments in accordance to any established trade laws, both Republic and/or Provincial. Merchants may also be entitled to any protection and hospitalities that the council deems fit during their stay in the Republic.


The term 'Provinces' is a loose term to define the already established territories of any resident peoples, tribes, or clans. While the 'Republic' organizes and administrates all the external affairs of the combine territories, it is the 'Provinces's' job to govern the internal affairs of those territories. The 'Provinces' will remain self governing with their own power structures and laws.

The 'Republic' will have and be responsible to maintain their own standing militia; the purpose of these militias will be to enforce local laws and provide the 'Provinces' with a defense force against external offensives. It is also the duty of the militias to rise up and defend the 'Provinces's' lands from hostile Republic military force; should the day come that a tyrant does come to power.

The 'Provinces' will have their own laws that they will need to enforce. The exceptions of the local laws is the 'Republic laws'; the 'Republic laws' will carry the same wording and penalties in all lands, as agreed upon by the 'Provinces'.

A 'Province's' representative is chosen by the 'Province's' people. In order for a 'Province' needs and outcries to be heard by the 'Republic council' the 'Province' representatives' will hold open forums to hear the thoughts and needs of the 'Province's' citizens and free people. The Provinces representatives will gather the conscience of the citizens voice and the petition to speak before the 'Alliance council'.

There should be no local taxes placed on any merchant who has meet the accordance of trade with the 'Republic'.

All laws and actions of the Republic will be limited to the following:

  1. Arbitration of inter-member disputes
  2. External treaties
  3. Protection of member sovereignty