Kierath Ranamor
Memorial Library

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"Honor isn't about making the right choices. It's about dealing with the consequences."
-- Kierath Ranamor

.:| Vornae Proverbs |:.

"I no naka no kawazu taikai o shirazu."
A frog in a well does not know the great sea.

"Ame futte chi katamaru"
After the rain, earth hardens

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Paradyne and the Belladonna: A Brief History

Paradyne was a sorcerer-king, who accidentally transformed himself into "the sending" many years ago via arcane means. It is likely he was researching a ritual far beyond the power of mortals, likely involving some of the same mystical patterns that help empower pantherghasts. Irrespective, as the sending he was driven by a pathological desire to hurt men. This was particularly easy for him, as, due to the magics used, he is immune to damage from men. This damage resistance extends to melee attacks, magical spells, alchemy, and missile weapons. It is unknown how this extends to traps (whether the "taint of femininity" is imbued by the trap setter, or the trap springer).

To combat this aberration, an order of great renown was formed -- "The Order of the Belladonna". Founded by Jerryn, and initially comprised solely of women, they managed to seal the being into a mystical stone. Thus the being was trapped for many, many years. Inprisonment breeds hatred and brooding and gives time to plot, while success atrophies a purpose built order. Neither is a good thing in this case, for in Raven of 594 ER Paradyne was freed from his prison by the Dark Fae. The statuses of the founders (and early members) of the order, which had bound their spirits in sleeping vigil were also destroyed, weakening the order. Jerynn, the leader/founder sent out a cry to the remaining members of the order to recruit new members to deal with the danger. Thus were inducted several townspeople; among them Sable, Tyvesha, Imara, and Rosalind

The being caused random havock for quite a while. In Dolphin of 595 ER, his base of operations was located in Blackmire Swamp, amidst a series of subterranean tunnels and crypts. It was also discovered that he was working with the Wraightlord Ozymandius, for some unknown reason. Later research suggests that both beings were attempting to use the other. In Salamander of 595 ER, tensions between the beings came to a head, and Ozymandius began hunting Paradyne. Paradyne disguised himself and attempted to hide in the town, while being hunted. It must be noted that Ozymandius could not, as a male, harm Paradyne directly, but he did have an ace up his sleeve. At some point he had captured Captain Elizabeth Kelly of the King's Dragoons, and transformed her into a powerful greater undead. Augmented by the dark powers of Chaos, and commanded by her wraithlord master, she defeated Paradyne and brought him captive to Ozymandius, who then gave him over to the Belladonna for interment in the stone of binding. Once Paradyne was imprisoned in his cold, lifeless oubliette, Ozymandius demanded the Belladonna bring him the stone. (He could not get it himself due to a gender based delimit protecting the Order's home). Two members of the Order met with Ozymandius, in the center of town, and parlayed with him while the townspeople waited occluded in shadow and foiliage. But a valiant, protracted battle was not to be had, for the wraithlord's power started to wane. Pinned to the earth, and bound tightly with mystic force, Bane skewered him in the gullet as a giant Chaos rift opened, and spectral hands reached forward to crush him into a pile of entropic goo.

All was fine, and the people rejoiced. The Belladonna swore to not repeat the atrophy from before, and pleged to take in new members. For the first time in their history, Men were admitted to the Order (some say due to the non-fatal sacrifice of Tempus the elf, who had gelt himself hoping to be able to harm the sending, to no avail). In Bull of 596, this was seen for the wisdom that it was, for the being Grimal'Zjhar released Paradyne again. However shortly thereafter, the Convocation of Sorcerer Kings cured him of his affliction as the sending (but didn't fix his evil ways). They used their forbidden magics to create a pocket dimension, called "The Shadow Wood" and placed him there. In this realm, history progressed as it had in our realm, up to 390 ER or so, which was the time Paradyne arrived there. For the next 200 years, he lived in this realm, taking the role of despot. The people of Tyrangel were transported there in Pegasus of 596 ER. I can tell you personally that this was a dark reflection of our town, with some versions of towns folk native to that place (including some that had died in our realm's timeline). Almost all were evil versions of themselves. Luckily, the Order of the Belladonna, aided by the valiant townspeople, were able to consign Paradyne's spirit to the void.

Notes by the author: This covers the events up until 597ER or so. Several sources were used, including the author's own memory of events witnessed.