Kierath Ranamor
Memorial Library

.:| Quote |:.

"Honor isn't about making the right choices. It's about dealing with the consequences."
-- Kierath Ranamor

.:| Vornae Proverbs |:.

"I no naka no kawazu taikai o shirazu."
A frog in a well does not know the great sea.

"Ame futte chi katamaru"
After the rain, earth hardens

.:| Libraries |:.

Sorcerer Kings: The Hidden Power

They've been among us for millennia. Hidden from our sight, the secret masters of Tyrra. Their secrecy was their greatest relic. They ran their magical underworld so completly, we never knew they were there.

After the discovery of the Haran Roeh diaries, their veil of shadows was pulled back. Through the deranged mind of Haran Roeh, dedicated scholars learned much of the Sorcerer Kings and their Convocation. A few years later, the journal of Morathak Galendor of Quentari was unearthed. It, too, made mention of Sorcerer Kings, some live thousands of years ago

Now, they are made public. They walk among us, flaunting their power. Claiming to be above the laws of men. Their only loyalty to the Convocation, if that. They threaten those who know too much. They seek to regain their hidden thrones. The only way to stop them, is to know them.

Few if any sketches of Sorcerer Kings exist. An artist in Therendry once painted portraits of those he could. They found out about him and took his paintings. To ensure that he could not recreate them, they cut off his hands, leaving him alive, but unable to practice his craft.

Each Sorcerer King has several things in common. They all have found a way to extend their lives past the normal span of their race. They all avoid necromancy, shunning it as an easy path to power. They all have a passion (an area of study specific to them). And they all have a province of Tyrra that they claim as their own. They are generally proficient in both schools of magic up to the 9th circle, and can cast Formal Magic as battle magic.

Additionally, they all can Identify people and items outside of a celestial circle. They can also "stack" protective spells on themselves or others as multiple contingencies.

Some theorize that they allowed this evidence of their existence to come to light. Whether the journals were tampered with or created to spread misinformation is not known. As evidence of this possibility, Morathak's journal states it is written in ancient Quentari. However the "original" copy found was written in common. Thereby any amount of misinformation or mere copyist errors could be present.


The oldest among them and some say, the most powerful. An elf, possibly The Elf. Her passion is the Quentari as a race. She has bred them to be as they are today, culling the "herd" when needed and adding new bloodstock to improve the final breed. She travels either as a scholar or as a Quentari ambassador. She is known to the Aran and has a place in his private counsels. When outside of Quentari, she is accompanied by at least one or two of her sons. Her direct line descendants, who act as bodyguards.

When in public, she appears as a very beautiful elven woman with green eyes. She wears her long brown hair in braids and usually wears a delicate chain coronet, and a buff colored surcoat.

Beyond the normal powers of Sorcerer Kings, Quel'thalass can see elven spirits outside of an earth circle.

Her main care is the continuing of the Quentari, at all costs. Though she plays the Convocation's game, she is reasonable and seems to prefer to be left to her elves when possible.

Minions: Her sons, Adrael, the eldest known and two others (names unknown) have been seen. Adraiel fights with sword and a shield blazoned with a night sky filled with stars. He has long black hair, and, like his mother, is very pale. Another of her sons was seen to be wielding a two handed sword and showed an unnatural resistance to poisons.

The Juggler, Archalieus de Masque

He calls himself the "Poisoner King" and is deserving of that title. He is human in appearance with a smudgy face, caused by, he claims, a failed alchemical experiment. He wears his long black hair back in a ponytail and has a preference for a royal blue shirt that he most often wears. His lands are Therendry and his life is extended by the use of Aqua Vitae, the Water of Life. This Water is said to be the distilled essence of elven kind. Rumors abound that the smudges on his face are a product of consuming Aqua Vitae produced from dark elves. The Juggler runs the Mistport Assassin's Guild and may be responsible for the death of at least one crowned head.

Though he does cast magic, his prime focus is alchemy. He has created many unique formulas, which he keeps closely guarded. His alchemy book can only be ready by him, after he drinks a certain poison then exhales on the pages. The ink will become legible for a limited amount of time for study. Among his creations are an alchemical communications mark which cannot be identified in a celestial circle, a poison that attacks the spirit through the bloodstream and will obliterate the victim, vorpal coatings that last twenty-four hours and make the weapon silver for that time, and a poison called "Forget-it-Entirely" that causes the victim to completely forget one event from their past, no matter how far back it was.

Minions: Mistport Assassins' Guild, Slash (a were-rat assassin), Lucky (a psychopath), and Harlequin (an assassin)

Slash is a were-rat. He has short black hair and wears a moustache. As most in his profession, he dresses all in black. From the Haran Roeh diaries, we learned of two tribes of were-rats local to the Tyrangel area. The Muldovians, characterized by King Muldo who grants wishes on the Day of Tall Shadows, and the Lalanthiki, darker cousins who steal dark elves to distill their essence for some sort of power

Considering the rumors that de Masque uses Aqua Vitae to prolong his life, and that one of his henchmen is a were-rat, one can assume that Slash is Lalanthiki and that de Masque either learned to distill Aqua Vitae from them, or vice versa.

Drax Darshiva

As one of the primary texts on Sorcerer Kings was written by one of Drax's minions, we know the most of him/her. Drax once ruled the lands now known as Tyrangel before he was defeated and thrown out by (then) Sir Roderick Daleron. History conflicts on Drax's gender, but rumor has it that she was born female. Drax learned to prolong her life by body swapping. She has been seen publicly as both male and female. Drax is one of the best known and most controversial Sorcerer Kings. Her inner circle thought the world of her and to them, she was a kind, benevolent ruler. To the commons and peasants, she was Drax the Tyrant, a figure of fear and loathing.

As rumor has it, people who spoke out against Drax, who longed for a better life, or just happened to be outside their homes at night, disappeared. Taken by Drax's minions to bring to Larker for his alchemical experiments, they were never heard from again.

Drax has appeared publicly in two known forms. The first, that of the Great Lady (another Sorcerer King that will be discussed later). The most recent, a tall thin male, either human or elven (he was wearing a cowl with the hood up) with a preference for wearing red.

Drax has two passions: golems and magical diseases. It is rumored that she plans on turning herself into a golem, but has to get perfect the ritual. Her disease fixation likely stems from one of her minions, Larker von Tinebras, a grand master alchemist, and creator of the diseases. It is not uncommon for Drax to infect an area causing unrest with a disease, as punishment and threat to others.

Drax's passion for golems has extended to the point that he was seen to create a golem of blood from his own veins. He, in the same sitting, made a golem of light without overt set up or extended ritual. He also dispersed them just as quickly.

Students of Tyrangel's history will recall the Whitehand Mercenary Company. They fought against Drax for many years, until they fell prey to a disease of her tailoring, now known as the Harbinger Disease. This disease's hallmark is black spots on the victims' extremities that slowly move to cover the entire body. The cure is simple, burn the victim down with celestial magic, then Life them. However, as the Harbinger's healer was a biata, this would never have occurred to him.

Four years ago (596 ER), a mysterious plague struk Pandor. Upon investigation, it was discovered to be the same disease that infected the Whitehand Company. Just a few months previous, the Arch-Mage of Pandor, Derrick Fahlgren, had visited Tyrangel.

In 599, Fahlgren returned to Tyrangel, claiming the land as his and naming himself Drax Darshiva. Though the Convocation denied his claim. Local scholars believe that he is, in fact, Drax in yet another stolen body.

Drax's colors are green and white and his symbol is a cog bisected by a lightning bolt.

She is fond of trapping her enemies in gemstones. Stones preset to Entrap the next person who touches them have been found underneath Drax's Tower, which was once a part of Daleron Keep.

Minions: The Dominion (see the diary of Haran Roeh)


The Desert Lord. His lands are the Great Desert west of Dar Khabad. He is known as the enslaver of the desert elves. According to their lore, the magic of the Sorcerer Kings created the desert.

Azaroth started life as a lizardman. He seeks to turn himself into a dragon. He has a fiercesome appearance, a scar across his face (the product of a blow dealt him by a Fae created sword that was constructed of balsa wood), and a horrid stench. It is unknown whether his weakness to the above mentioned sword was the wood, or the fact that it was Fae.

He Generally wears a tattered dark robe and has no minions; save his enslaved desert elves.


She claims the Hadran Plains among the Convocation, but it is not known if the inhabitants of the Hadran know this. She is a voluptious Quentari who doesn't seem to be partial to Quel'thalass. She has curly red hair and speaks with a thick ancient Quentari accent.

Her speech patterns are odd, as she tends to mix up metaphors. "Putting the cart before the chickens are hatched" is an example.

Her passion is spirit magic. Her communication marks have a nasty surprise when they are removed. Upon the mark's removal, the former bearer is wracked in agony. The spell effects of a Weakness, a Disease, a Poison Blood, and a Life Drain become present. This condition is contageous, but the secondary infection is less severe. This affliction cannot be cured by mundane means, but will lessen and eventually go away in time.


Also known as the Wu-jin, his lands are in Wu-Tai. He is a human with long brown hair and a goatee. He wears flowing robes in light earth tones. He speaks mainly in riddles and obscure references. He is rumored to be truly immortal. He is very soft-spoken and is seldom seen outside of a meeting of the Convocation.


The Swordsmaster. Disdains the use of magic, but can cast it if need be. He is a weapon master whose faivorite styles are twin blades or sword and shield. He is a short, wiry human with shoulder length black hair.


The Slayer. He hails from the Sutherlands and destroys undead to prolong his life. As an interesting side note, he breathes. He is a very pale man, with short black hair. His passion is the destruction of undead. Because he consumes their energies to live longer, he looks almost undead himself. He is nearly always hooded.

The Librarian

Name currently unknown. She's more interested in study than powerplays. Her passion is words and languages. She is a tall human with long black hair worn back in a bun. She shows a preference to dark and somber colors. She "consumes" great works of literature to prolong her life.

The Great Lady

Name also unknown. Drax took her body and her consciousness fled to the Dreaming. Her passion is communication magic. She is a stocky woman of medium height with short brown hair. When seen in the Dreaming, she is hooded and has some sort of spirit marks on her right cheek.

Several years ago, The Great Lady was showing Drax some new communication magic. She sumehow turned her ritual and stole her body.

According to Haran Roeh, she has a preference for chocolates. A seance to contact her used chocolates as a focus for the ritual.

She has since been freed from the Dreaming but still has no body. Since Drax has hopped to another body, she may be able to forma new body at an earth circle.

The Grey Elf

Name, location, and passion unknown. He is a short elf with light grey skin and light brown hair. It can be assumed that his area is the island home of Lord Soul Wind of Marentha and Sir Eltherion Ari of Wulfshire.