Kierath Ranamor
Memorial Library

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"Honor isn't about making the right choices. It's about dealing with the consequences."
-- Kierath Ranamor

.:| Vornae Proverbs |:.

"I no naka no kawazu taikai o shirazu."
A frog in a well does not know the great sea.

"Ame futte chi katamaru"
After the rain, earth hardens

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Tyrangel Necropolis

Brockett, Duchy of Tyrangel, 606 ER

Before recording my experiences in Brockett, I will first detail the events of December 17th 605, and how I spent the winter, as understanding what happened there is necessary for understanding what follows.

December 17th

I traveled through the forest near the Grond Hills, looking to meet up with Travador, Idrahil, and the others. Riddle was with me, and we had also managed to find Kylou, Patches, and his wife Jade. Patches had some information on the plague we had been researching. He suspects it may require celestial formal as well as alchemy. The breakthroughs look promising.

As we followed the path, Riddle noticed that the area was familiar and wanted to do some more exploring. He knew of a Necropolis in the area, and was hoping to glean some information on the most recent developments there. The path ahead was blocked by some sort of gate or barrier that we did not understand. Kylou entered it and his ashes fell out the other side. Our only life spell was used in an attempt to revive him, without success.

We progressed onwards, and met a Wild Elf who was very reluctant to speak.Large black lizards had taken his brother, and he was giving up on rescue, instead leaving to report the loss, and warn the others. He pointed out where his brother was taken, and we investigated. On the way there, we saw a blue hazy image of Kylou lying on a bench, but we could not see or interact with him. Finding nothing else to do, we continued onwards. As we hid in the bushes, we watched two large Draconians leading a bound and blindfolded elf away. They were attacked by lightning cats, but the cats lost. These Draconians looked entirely too powerful for our small group to fight...but Riddle and Patches jumped forward to attack the Draconians. I also did not wish to see the Wild Elf suffer the fate the Draconians had in mind, and decided to try and help. Soon after fighting began, Kylou reappeared wandering out of the forest, with seemingly no memory of who he was or what had passed. The fighting went back and forth, and was fierce. I do not remember all of it, for I quickly became a target of the Draconians, who had been ordered to bring back elves for transformation. The battle did not go well, the Draconians were as powerful as I would expect Dragon Kin to be, and I fell in battle. I self-resurrected at a Tree of Life inside a Necropolis—the very same necropolis we were going to investigate. Although I expected that resurrection to be painful, it was not. The tree was a very calming, peaceful, and restorative presence, and I can only assume that is why my spirit was attracted to it. All I know of what followed was told to me by the others.

Despite overwhelming odds, Riddle and the others continued to fight the Draconians. Eventually, seeing my body dissipate, and knowing we had no life spells, convinced them to let the Draconians leave with the elf. After that, they continued onwards towards the Necropolis and approached the gate. They spoke with the Undead, and watched as the Plague-ridden Reavers began attack. The undead killed the Reavers and downed Riddle, Patches, Kylou, and Jade. They were all brought inside the Necropolis to participate in a ritual to resurrect Angus Tyrangel. This ritual took place next to a black mass of energy large enough that I could see it from the Tree, which was the death place of Macabre. Riddle did the only thing he could, and caused a backlash to prevent Angus from being brought back. Everyone in the circle, which included quite a few undead, died. They found my spirit at the Tree of Life and decided to resurrect there as well. Kylou was acting strangely and we believed him to be transformed, but much later he was identified and found to be ...intact. I think he is crazy.

This particular Tree of Life acted like a circle, and the undead could not enter it. Not only could they not enter, but they were completely unaware of the Tree, and of us. There were also a few piles of ash around the Tree, indicating that the undead could not exist underneath it. We would watch entire squadrons part like water around the Tree, and not even notice that they had done so. However, as soon as we set foot outside of the ring of its protective branches, the undead became aware of our presence and would move to attack. Once we stepped back, they forgot about us again.We had no weapons, no equipment, no food, and no way out. I spent a great deal of time there toying with the undead, hoping I could get one of them close enough to drag underneath the tree and take it's weapons. I was unsuccessful.

This Tree was also Fey in nature. We noticed some small sprites flying around now and then, and a Dryad lived in the tree, coming out occasionally to tend to it. She acted unaware of our presence, as if she could not see us. We spent all winter, a month or so, trapped together under this tree.

Towards the beginning of January (or I think it was, I lost track of the days), a Leprechaun appeared. Also around this time, a small black spider had showed up in the branches, and I caught it watching us with it's glowing green eyes. The leprechaun was tired of us being on “his porch”, and explained to us that the Tree acted as a bridge between Tyrra and Faerie. I didn't really pay attention to him much, his accent was strange. I paid more attention to the spider, who had gotten nearer and was watching us. The Leprechaun, called Shamus, offered to help us leave. We had to take a bite of some fruit, and click our heels together chanting “there is no place like Bane” three times. I picked up the spider and we all did this. Ridiculous as it was, it worked.

January 606 ER

We rifted into Brockett in January, surrounding Prince Bane. Apparently, the fruit we had eaten was “fruit of Prince Bane's womb” and used his ties to Tyrra to bring us back. There had been plans to rescue us, but no one could figure out how to get inside the Necropolis. It is for the best really, such an effort would have cost many lives. We were inside the Barracks of Baron Shiro-gin Takai. The barracks had been recently overrun by a group of bandits/ assassins calling themselves the Black Daggers....

This letter was found on a permanently dead body, who bore the mark of the Black Dagger assassins.

This man confessed to crimes against my followers and I. He confessed to spreading information concerning our activities and movement as well as unintentionally causing the loss of a VERY important document, twas due to be delivered to me this night. Be ye warned, his fate and punishment is now mine and in so let this serve as a warning to you all. You who follow a mockery of a man as a prince. A man who named an Ogre to nobility. A true Prince has arrizen from the ashes of this land. Let it be known you can either serve or fall to the wayside. The mock prince, the Ogre count and all of their petty "nobles" must be brought down for crimes innumerable against the poor dejected people of these lands. There is a greater cause that will claim these lands for the betterment of the future. I therefor place a bounty on all of the aforementioned mock nobles. We will be watching so either bring us their heads or we will take yours.

Hiroshi tain Mou
Overseer of the Four
[4 symbols written]
Follower of the Dark Prince