Kierath Ranamor
Memorial Library

.:| Quote |:.

"In darkness, no one sees you bleed or cry..."
-- Kierath Ranamor

.:| Vornae Proverbs |:.

"I no naka no kawazu taikai o shirazu."
A frog in a well does not know the great sea.

"Ame futte chi katamaru"
After the rain, earth hardens

.:| Libraries |:.

Lorinorea and Zemos

I will do my best to answer you on the points you raised, and anything else that comes to mind as I write. Realize that most of this information, especially that dealing with ancient history, is only what I have heard, and is not verifiable. It is, however, the version of things that was widely accepted in Lorinorea during the time I lived there.

I have never heard of anything called the "Order of Light." It certainly did not exist openly in Lorinorea when I lived there. There is a forest called the Forest of Light, though. In it grow glowing crystals, and it was once the home of a now extinct race of beings called the Elhanel. Douglas Bluewater would be the best person to ask about that, though. My knowledge of the Forest is limited to what I heard from him several years ago, when he gave me a crystal from the Forest to wear around my neck, and the small parts of it that I saw when I fled there after the rise of Zemos to meet the many others who had resurrected.

I am not sure if it is entirely correct to say there was a dragon that resided in Lorinorea, at least not in recent memory - I believe you are referencing Fennalyn, the purple dragon? Fennalyn did once live in the lands that became Lorinorea, but as I understand it, when Zemos was imprisoned within Fennalyn, the dragon was either transported to a small planar bubble, or became a small planar bubble (opinions on this matter varied greatly, I subscribe to the second).

I never heard of any city or kingdom of Dark Elves within Lorinorea, and indeed very few Dark Elves even adventured there.

The destruction of Zemos....this is quite a convoluted story, and there are parts of it which I am not at liberty to share, but I will do my best.

I will answer the easy question first: Zemos was neither a Darkness Lord or a Chaos Lord. In the beginning, he was a human. Over the centuries that he was imprisoned within the crazed Fennalyn, he became something else....and by the time I faced him, I think there probably were no words to describe him accurately. He was a Dragon Mage in the truest sense of the words. He was imprisoned inside Fennalyn, but his power somehow tapped the power of the dragon or perhaps was filtered through it, and a sickly purple color was something of a signature of his. He drew power from and had ties to the planes of Darkness, Chaos, Death, Fire, Water, and Earth (that I know of...there were likely more). He had also corrupted the Oberon and the vast majority of the Fae Court in the Fae realms connected to Lorinorea. He drew power from them like a leech, but he also used them to carry out various tasks to aid his rise. He was able to perform amazing feats of magic on a whim...he destroyed my Circle of Power with a few words and a flick of his fingers. I believe in doing so he called upon the power of "the Wyrm," but my memory could be playing tricks on me, and I have no idea whether that might have referred to Fennalyn or possibly Fennalyn's child Emeraldyne, or something else entirely.

The destruction of Zemos was a strange matter. I witnessed his rise, but when he was destroyed I was occupied elsewhere on the battlefield, fighting the largest undead I have ever encountered. All I can say for sure is that Kayin Delaney was the instrument of his destruction, as she was meant to be. His ties to the various planes he drew power from had been severed one by one, leaving him more vulnerable than he had been on the night he rose. I do not know exactly how Kayin destroyed him; I doubt it is of much consequence so I never bothered to find out. I know that an elf named Galen Greywind was present when it happened, because he picked up Zemos' staff (which linked itself to him). I believe he resided in FenGate at the time; I do not know if he is still there. Another person who might be able to tell you more is a Timberhowler (I think) named Kraegor. I do not know where you would find him, but if you ever do please tell him that Keno and I would like very much to speak with him.

I do not know of any libraries that survive in Lorinorea that would be accessible to you. I suppose there may be some left in the port city, but they would almost certainly be of a very mundane nature.

Good luck in your quest, and if it is not too much trouble I would love to have copies of any other information you get, even if it duplicates my own...there are a few puzzle pieces I am still missing.

Adrafae Serdanhia
Archwizardess of Elegance and the Elements
Celestial Guildmistress of Blackstone's Adventuring Towns