Kierath Ranamor
Memorial Library

.:| Quote |:.

"Honor isn't about making the right choices. It's about dealing with the consequences."
-- Kierath Ranamor

.:| Vornae Proverbs |:.

"I no naka no kawazu taikai o shirazu."
A frog in a well does not know the great sea.

"Ame futte chi katamaru"
After the rain, earth hardens

.:| Libraries |:.

March 21, 608 ER Gather - Isle of Eit, Sutherlands

Friday Night

I settled into my lodgings near where Marentha and Theisgate would be staying, and was joined shortly after dark by Geryn, Katrina, and Sado of the Order of the Gryphon. Once we were all settled in, they headed to the tavern while I stayed behind to speak at length with Amaris and Rocco. We were soon joined by Portia and Alira and eventually made our way down to the tavern.

A quick sweep of the area showed that little was going on other than a few of Seramore's scouting patrols. I milled around for a short time keeping an eye on things and catching up with various people, until Dorsal arrived. We welcomed one another heartily and I congratulated him on his Barony; in response he asked me to shadow him for the night, a request I could hardly pass up.

Much of the rest of the night was spent on patrol with Dorsal, Portia, Edwin, Rocco, and a few assorted others. We spent some time early on around the tavern as Sir Robert and his entourage arrived to speak with the assembled nobles, but due to Akoya's presence I stuck to the shadows and guarded the side door from evesdroppers until Dorsal chose to leave again. I also helped in the appprehension and casting of a destroy formal magic on Kezren, though my role during the latter turned mostly into escort duty for Portia as she went to secure the necessary scrolls and resources.

Saturday Morning

I woke early and treated myself to a relaxing shower before preparing for the day ahead. I then joined the Order for a breakfast that Vandarr expertly prepared, wandering back and forth to converse with Amaris and Alira as they dined next door. I soon became a bit of an errand-boy again, fetching scrolls and escorting Kyri to the main part of town, but I honestly didn't mind; I knew they would not have asked me to do these things if they did not trust me, and giving a ward key repeatedly to someone to enter a cabin filled with scrolls and components is definitely a sign of trust.

Eventually Geryn and Kat left with Sado, but Portia and Rocco soon arrived. We spent a bit more time talking before heading to the main part of town. We heard fighting as we approached the town square and saw that Seramore's scouting patrols were at it again, undeterred by the losses of the prior night. Portia went to investigate and ensure that the patrols were being handled, while I took the time to catch up with May and Woot who I saw had arrived. Amidst all of this there were several attacks by insect swarms coming from nests that sprang to the surface, but the proper application of elemental and eldritch fire took care of them all without any difficulty.

The quiet was soon shattered, though, by shouts from the other side of the tavern. I rounded the corner only to see a monstrous insect trying to claw free of the hole it had dug to the surface, and many people were on the ground from the battle against it. I charged into the frey myself after seeing Geryn, Kaylin, and may all among the fallen bodies. It was a struggle trying to counter the long reach of the beasts claws, made even more difficult by the inexperienced people who did not seem to grasp the concept of drawing the beast's attention away so that people could be rescued. The next thing I know my world went black, and I found myself coming to next to another member of Thiesgate on the opposite side of the beast. Thankfully, I saw that someone else had gotten to Geryn, Kaylin, and May in time.

Eventually the beast was felled by an onslaught of adventurers, but as was heading to rejoin my friends I was stopped by Portia and asked if I could assist her. It turned out that she was having a bit of a personal quandry over a decision and wanted my advice. I simply reminded her that she was a Countess, and as a noble if she felt that the course of action she was proposing was to the benefit of the people she was charged with the protection of then no one should find any fault with that.

Leaving Portia to carry on with her business, I left the tavern only to find that Yuri had arrived. I quickly greeted her with a bow and took my place at her side. She was very glad to see me in such good spirits, and the mood was lifted even further as she and I caught up on the happenings in my life and on Faerie in between dealing with more of Seramore's scouts. Soon enough, the Chancellor arrived to transport everyone involded to Hy Brasil for the Trials of the Crowns.

Saturday Afternoon

The Trials of the Crowns was, to put it simply, and experience that I will treasure for the rest of my life. I was chosen to bear witness to the Trials as the Champion of the Unseelie Court, while Rocco was chosen by the Seelie Court and Wolf by the Grey Court. Yuri stepped forward as claiment for the crown of the Arawyn, and he once known as Lord of the Hunt stepped forward as claimant for the crown of the Oberon. Yuri honored me as her first selection, and I was joined by May, Wolf, Anon and several others to undergo the Trials on her behalf. The Trials of Wit, Agility, and Strength were all relatively easy, and the teams for both claimants succeed and tied in each. For the Trial of War, the two claimants negotiated the terms of battle to be teams of three who would use any spells or abilities at their disposal. Yuri selected Anon, Wolf, and myself to face the Huntsman's team of Geryn, Sinai, and Rocco. We quickly devised a plan in which I would eliminate Sinai, Anon would dispatch Geryn, and then all three of us would finish off Rocco. As the Trial began, the plan worked flawlessly. Anon dispatched Geryn with two quick death spells while I quickly downed Sinai with vertigo gasses. After Anon finished off Sinai with another death spell, we all turned on Rocco. As I expected, Rocco was not easy to defeat, but in the end he was gassed and then imprisoned with all three of us still standing. The remainder of the Trials went fairly straightforwardly, and the end result was the two claimants being croned and all of us present being granted with a boon from the Chancellor. Unfortunately, the Chancellor would not allow Yuri to knight me as her Knight Defender and she was forced to stay behind as we were rifted back to town. It was all she could do to give me a pained and pleading look as she could see my thoughts over the oath binding us written plainly on my face.

I linkered around the tavern for a while, which proved to be a wise choice. Seramore had apparently become frustrated by the failures of his patrols, as a number of more powerful groups of Bonded attacked the town. With many people off dealing with other matters, it was primarily a number of lesser experienced adventurers attempting to repel these attacks. Eranfel had just arrived, however, and together he and I managed to fend off all the attacks at the cost of most of my alchemy stockpiles. Mysteriously, or perhaps ominously, the attacks stopped after roughly half an hour.

As others wandered off in various directlys, I made my way back to my lodgings for some drinks and a change of clothes before joining Vandarr and Kaylin for dinner. Geryn soon joined us, accompanied by Commander Carlton and Captain Markenn from the Dreadmarch and a strange elf by the name of Rumor. Geryn explained that she was his daughter from a fling he had a number of years before in Mutai. Conversation carried on for quite a long time, and I began to be reminded of how difficult it is to find people you can depend on.

Saturday Evening

Soon darkness began to fall and the Captain and Commander needed to return to the main part of town, so I joined with everyone in making the walk back to the tavern. As I started to mill about, I heard people commenting that Prince Bane was inside and was in the process of resigning his title. I didn't want to see that happening, and I was sure that Akoya would be there with the other nobility, so I passed the time outside talking with Jade and a few of the other Gypsies outside.

Things began to get interesting as people began filing out of the tavern. Portia and Bane took their places on the top steps of the porch and began outlining a plan of attack against Seramore and his forces who were attempting to secure and gain entrance to an ancient Eit library that had been unearthed. As soon as they finished outlining the plan, Portia grabbed Rocco and Edwin and made off for the woods. Thankfully, Dorsal showed up with Damakael a moment later and immediately recruited me for the group he was assembling to circle around and flank Seramore's forces.

As we skirted around the far side of town, I saw that the group Dorsal had assembled was an even half-dozen with several healers. Soon we descended through the forest and eventually came to a field that bordered the water on the far side. Here we paused for a time to ensure we weren't followed while Dorsal and I got our bearings and checked for any patrols. Finding none, we began slowly leading the group towards the sound of battle we heard in the distance. Unfortunately, when we reached the library we found that Seramore and his forces had already taken the library and were fighting a defensive battle from within it. Our group was pretty much relegated to patrolling the back lines and cutting off the few reinforcements that were attempting to join Seramore.