Kierath Ranamor
Memorial Library

.:| Quote |:.

"Honor isn't about making the right choices. It's about dealing with the consequences."
-- Kierath Ranamor

.:| Vornae Proverbs |:.

"I no naka no kawazu taikai o shirazu."
A frog in a well does not know the great sea.

"Ame futte chi katamaru"
After the rain, earth hardens

.:| Libraries |:.

April 13, 607 ER Gather - Hawthorn's Bluff

Friday Night

The weather was already looking suspect when I arrived back in the Bluff and set about making preparations for Michiko's arrival. While it would have been nice to stay at home with Beryl and Nahbdee, I have found that I very much enjoy keeping Michiko company on her occasional visits to the surface from Kirishai as it gives the two of us more time to speak of recent news and I can assist her with many of her preparations for entertaining guests.

Upon completing my preparations and hearing sounds of combat, I made my way to the fire circle where I found Tiger, Cyndra, and Tavi among those trying to start a fire to ward off the chill air. Greetings were exchanged, as well as congratulations for my recent elevation. Our levity was short-lived, however, as several flaming zombies staggered out of the woods towards us. The four of us made quick work of them, but it was a disturbing sight. Seeking to find others and see if anyone knew of this, we quickly set out towards the Healer's Guild to speak with Nightshine. As we approached the Guild Hall, a barbarian from one of the other local tribes ran up and told us of a number of barbarian burial grounds that had been unearthed.

Duke Whiteoak arrived a few moments later and gathered all of the nobles to brief us. As we told him of what we had just learned, he added that this was a widespread problem plaguing graves across the Duchy! After a short discussion of the problem and possible courses of action, the topic of conversation turned to other business of the local nobility.

The only other thing of any note to happen during the night was the appearance of a strange elf during a fight with some of the zombies. One moment there was a flaming zombie there, and the next it was an elf claiming to be from another plane. From what I gathered he was from a very small planar bubble that was in danger of collapse or explosion, and that there was risk of damage to other planes (including ours) which were in proximity, but for the most part I left that business to Shiro and others who know of such things and then retired for the night upon Michiko's arrival.

Saturday Afternoon

With the rain of the night before, I slept in until almost noon and then slowly made my preparations for the day while Michiko readied herself. I also took the opportunity to eat a some elven trail rations and relate to Michiko the events of the prior evening.

As we were sitting by the firepit, where Tiger was valiantly attempting to start a fire with the damp wood, a group of orcs carrying a banner ran through town being chased by another group of orcs. The two groups met down past the tavern, and we all watched as they cut one another down and the victorious group left with the banner.

Discussions then ensued regarding the orcs and the strange behavior, but as another rain shower began Michiko and I retreated to our cabin for tea and snacks. We were soon joined by a steady stream of others coming in and out to enjoy the shelter and company.

Late in the afternoon, there was a short break in the weather, during which elementals began attacking again. I took the opportunity to join the town in facing them, but none seemed overly strong and were easily dispatched. I did enjoy Lord Zerr taking the opportunity to provide me with multiple armor refittings as I charged one with him.

Saturday Evening

Feast came and went with little incident. Michiko and I were not hungry, but we joined the town in the tavern and shared a bottle of my favorite Quentari vintage with Jackson Willis.

As the night wore on, there were a number of attacks by the elementals again. As had been the case throughout the gather, none of these elementals seemed to pose a great threat.

Eventually, the time came for those who wished to speak with Fallundel to journey to his cave. We were rifted there, and everyone quietly took a seat to wait their turns. Several asked of what was to become of Slipshod, and Fallundel explained that essentially he was preserving Slipshod in an alternate form so that he could focus his energies and efforts towards helping us solve the problems we faced. Shiro asked about our planar visitor, and Fallundel's answer was as cryptic as would be expected. Then, we began filing out individually to ask more private questions of Fallundel. {Beryl asked him for an alternate boon, as her transform had not panned out, and he granted her request for a powerful vengeance upon her spirit. I then told him of my desires to find an Eldritch Knight transform; Fallundel said he did not know of any Eldritch Knights, but that he would look into this for me and contact me again soon. I'm not going to cease my own searches just yet, as having multiple avenues is preferable to depending upon one source.}

Beryl and I then returned to town just in time to see Syl confronting the "Portia Lich" outside the tavern. Apparently, it was a manifestation of part of his mind... Dame Kaylin quickly managed to get everyone to stand down while Syl confronted this wayward portion of himself. After some tense moments, it appeared that Syl was able to resolve the situation by luring "Portia" into merging back with him.

Not long after this, I heard Nahbdee's cries from near the bathhouse. I rushed to investigate, and upon finding him quickly learned that Inga had fallen even closer to the house. I called for help and then rushed onward, finding her dead body laying in the gravel between the bathhouse and the house. As I lifed her, I saw a shadowy form move behind the house, and in the brief instant I saw it thought it to be an undead. Just then, Tiger rounded the other side of the bathhouse, and I asked him to join me in investigating, with us splitting up to surround the house. Needless to say, this was a mistake, as each of us were jumped by a Ka-Hiss warrior and felled; I apparently lasted longer than Tiger thanks to my armor, as the one attacking him soon joined it's companion in dropping me.

I'm not quite certain what happened following that, but I eventually came to near the Guildhall with Juniper standing over me. As we cut down two of the warriors, a third managed to get away. In the confusion, Michiko was found unconscious and gnawed upon behind the Healer's Guild, apparently having been one of the first victims and then dragged to where the Ka-Hiss could attempt to feed upon her.

Following this ordeal, Michiko and I decided to retire for the night, as the rain soon began again.