Kierath Ranamor
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.:| Quote |:.

"Honor isn't about making the right choices. It's about dealing with the consequences."
-- Kierath Ranamor

.:| Vornae Proverbs |:.

"I no naka no kawazu taikai o shirazu."
A frog in a well does not know the great sea.

"Ame futte chi katamaru"
After the rain, earth hardens

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September 15, 606 ER Gather - Hawthorn's Bluff

Friday Night

As good as it has been to be back home in the Bluff, as the gather began tonight I was acutely aware of just how much things have changed over the last few months. I am now on my own, but not alone, and while I know that I can still mostly count on Beryl, she has changed just as much and is now seeking things that she was adamantly against a year ago. Only time will tell how that will settle out.

The gather itself began rather slowly& I spoke with Justicar and settled our business dealings from earlier in the year, and had him come and cast a ward for me on the cabin I was staying in before I joined the other adventurers around the tavern.

There was not much going on, to be honest. A necromancer was chased into the woods at one point, and there were some minor undead attacks. Things were so quiet, in fact, that I had no qualms about going to help Michiko unload her belongings into our cabin, and then retire for the night to speak with her privately for over an hour before settling into bed.

The conversation with Michiko was quite interesting. She commented favorably upon how I have embraced my new life as an elf, and remarked that in light of certain occurrences of the past year I have exhibited far more patience and restraint than even she would. She even made the comment that while I may appear to be Quentari on the outside, she believes that through my actions I have the heart of a Vornae on the inside.

Saturday Afternoon

Michiko and I awoke not much before noon and ventured out briefly. Not much was going on, though some bullywugs did come into town looking for help in saving  Cyndra-wug's twoo wuv . We did not stay out long, however, before returning to our cabin for some snacks and leaving others to deal with that matter.

Upon venturing out again, I saw that the Shai'ayne guardian was in town and apparently waiting for Beryl to wake from her nap. Apparently Cyndra or someone had gone and awoken her, because she soon arrived without her weapons and armor for the test. She and Cyndra were then led off, and Michiko and I retired to our cabin again for a midday meal and to escape the heat. We were just finishing our meal when there was a knock at the door; Cyndra and Beryl were both there, Cyndra holding what I presumed was Dawnfire, and both of them grinning widely. As we invited them in for refreshments, they told us that they had both been named as the wielders of Dawnfire; Cyndra for the first year, and then Beryl for the second. They were both also charged with watching out for one another and protecting one another's honor.

As the afternoon wore on, Michiko and I wandered around a little bit until we noticed a problem with Silent. He seemed to be in pain, and several people had him in the Earth circle. I told Michiko that he'd mentioned Macabre, and she paled and went to investigate while I went to speak with Charlie in his special chair. When I returned, Beryl was in the process of doing a card reading for Silent. It seems that he is in fact Tiger DeDannan, and either by choice or by force suppressed all memories of his former self. After some discussion, Michiko attempted to help him through some unexplained means related to their former tie in Marentha and her ties to the lands of Tyrangel; the result of that is something only time will tell.

Saturday Evening

Following this, feast was beginning to be served, and Michiko and I retired to our cabin for fish and noodles paired with tea and the wine that I had brought. It was quite an enjoyable meal, and the company was exemplary. Following the meal, we went and invited several people to return with us for tea; Silent, Cyndra, and Justicar accepted. The conversation over tea went well, but soon we decided to rejoin the town and see what might be happening.

It was not long after this that a great commotion stirred. Slipshod was marching into town with a small contingent of undead, including a wraith-like being that looked to be his sister Blueberry. As I approached at the head of the town, Slipshod pointed me out to her, telling her that I was indeed one of the ones who had killed her in her sleep. She seemed to take great delight at this knowledge and focused her attentions on me as I attempted to see if there was any chance of reasoning with her. Sadly, there was not, and I set out to see her put to her final rest. At once point I managed to sneak around behind her and strike her twice as Beryl had taught me, but she simply became discorporeal to avoid the first blow and then nimbly avoided the second. As I retreated towards friendly aid, she caught me with a pin and then a confine spell. Walking up to me with a wicked glint in her eyes, she slowly ran her claws over me toying with me before she struck the killing blow to me. From what I am told, she shrieked in pain at that before turning to look for Slipshod again. I came to with Michiko standing over me, and after a brief moment to gather my bearings as she cast protectives upon me, I set off again after Blueberry. Wolf, Smolder, and I finally caught up to her as she was trying to flee, and together we quickly put her to rest.

I then joined Tavi and Cyndra in a nearby cabin where they had imprisoned Slipshod. As he was laying there incapacitated, I spoke to him in an attempt to break the void creature's control over him. It was while I was doing this that I received a whispering wind from him telling me that he knew I was not responsible for Blueberry's death and that we needed to kill him in order to free him. When I told the others this, Zerr was summoned and delivered the killing blow through the imprison. At this, Slipshod's contingency went off and he came back to life under his own control. Before he left, he thanked me for putting his sister to rest, as the vile abomination she'd become was very disturbing to him.

Following the battle, Michiko decided to serve tea and snacks. Beryl, Justicar, Tavi, and Nahbdee all chose to join us, and we had a nice little respite while preparations were made for Beryl's formal to be cast. Once things were ready, we returned to the house so that Justicar could cast Beryl's Dream Vision to attempt to find out more about her father. Michiko came and got me, however, as Baron Hargrove was asking people to gather and deal with an attack coming from Giles and his forces.

The attack by Giles proved to be difficult. His forces were quite formidable, and for whatever reason everyone who had transforms upon their spirits found them becoming active. I saw that Wolf also has the Celestial Entity transform that Zerr and Mariko have, and was able to witness the full potential of it. I focused on Giles, especially when he took Michiko and rifted a short distance away with her, and eventually was among those to beat him down. Crash soon arrived and took charge of the situation, and I walked away to let him deal with it&

Following the battle, I sat down with Beryl as she shared to a number of us the vision she'd had of her father. After speaking with Beryl for a few moments, we both agreed that it was time to retire. As I walked her back to the house, we spoke briefly about her vision and she told me that she planned to go to Mistport soon and try to find some more answers. I offered my help to her, but as I went through a similar search earlier this year I told her that I would fully understand if she felt she had to do this alone. She thanked me for the offer and for understanding, and promised me that she'd be careful and let me know first if she wanted some help.