Kierath Ranamor
Memorial Library

.:| Quote |:.

"Honor isn't about making the right choices. It's about dealing with the consequences."
-- Kierath Ranamor

.:| Vornae Proverbs |:.

"I no naka no kawazu taikai o shirazu."
A frog in a well does not know the great sea.

"Ame futte chi katamaru"
After the rain, earth hardens

.:| Libraries |:.

The Kingdom of Ironwood & the Ebonwood/Ironwood

The Kingdom of the Ironwood was a human kingdom that existed for a number of years on what is now known as the Isle of Blackwell, prior to the arrival of Evendarr in the area. Perhaps due to the shorter lifespans of humans or the way it was ruled, there was not as much information about it as there was the Elven Kingdom of Telaine or the Dark Elven Kingdom of Arkon. The last true king of the Ironwood was Malaz. Malaz had three sons (princes, from oldest to youngest): Braxus, Malzeon, and Danoth.

The problems with the Kingdom really began in the Year of Chaos. Each year a prophecy was given outlining events that will occur. Often times, the kings of the four kingdoms of the island (Telaine, Arkon, Ironwood, and Stonehammer) would meet to discuss the prophecy. During one particular year, the following prophecy was given:
When chaos abounds, the first Knight will betray the King, the Four crowns will become three, and the seed will twice choke the tree. The chaos of the crown will cause a king to be kept from sight. Only blood of the most honorable Knight will awaken the king, so that the three gold can help shatter the emerald in the rough by avenging the fallen crown. The repercussions of this year will echo to the descendants of Telaine till the children of the island bring justice against the transgressions of those who have wrought the land. So marks the year of chaos.

That year, the Kings of Arkon, Telaine, Stonehammer, and one of the Princes of the Ironwood, met to discuss this prophecy. The prince, who some say was Malzeon but others seem to believe it was Malzeon's older brother, claimed that his father, King Malaz, was ill and could not attend. After hearing the prophecy and discussing it for a short period, the prince excused himself and ran off "to tell his father". In reality, he wanted to make sure his father was out of the way before he heard the prophecy and got his guard up. At this point, Malzeon killed not only his father, but also his elder brother and took the Iron Throne by force, which was essentially the end of the Kingdom. At some point Malzeon became a lich, but the details after the assassinations are unclear.


The Ironwood was so named because of the iron ore that runs under the forest. Supposedly the forest can be controlled by whomever is the King, but I have not found any information about the nature of this control or how it is exerted. There is something called the Heartwood and Felroot is tied to it (or at least this is the prevalent theory), which is what most believe is the center of power for the King. They also believe that when Malzeon (who was a necromancer) took the throne he cursed the Heartwood, tainting the forest and its denizens. It is hoped that cleansing that taint will reverse the effects upon those who were unwillingly tainted.

The Ironwood throne is made of iron and is tied to a line of iron deep into the ground. Samara seems to think that this also may be part of the King's source of power, and has a theory that charging that throne with something "really truly pure and good" may also reverse the taint. Based just upon this information, it seems possible that the Heartwood & Felroot may be at least partially referencing the throne itself, but that is merely supposition.


Earlier this fall, the actions of a number of adventurers managed to lift the curse on the Ironwood and defeat the lich Malzeon. Since that time, the canopy of the forest began to open and sunlight was able to once again able to reach the forest floor. Expeditions into the forest revealed no survivors, either human or undead. Save for a few areas, there was no plant and animal life, though scholars believe that with the canopy now open in most of the forest, the forest will eventually be green again as it must have been before the necromantic influence that corrupted it.