Kierath Ranamor
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"Honor isn't about making the right choices. It's about dealing with the consequences."
-- Kierath Ranamor

.:| Vornae Proverbs |:.

"I no naka no kawazu taikai o shirazu."
A frog in a well does not know the great sea.

"Ame futte chi katamaru"
After the rain, earth hardens

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The Legend of Tragor

This is a transcription of the tale of the dragon known as Tragor (some accounts have the spelling as Traegor) in Lorinorea and Greyhelm, as told by the Quentari Historian Master Minoell on January 23, 607ER in Keljin, Greyhelm. As stated by Master Minoell, some bits of the tale may be embellished or false, as it has been compiled from many sources over hundreds of years, but it is as accurate as can be reasonably be expected.

Many years ago, over 500 by all accounts, a great green dragon begun to amass some power for himself. He found some of the mightiest warriors in the land, and to assist him he transformed them each into Dragon Knights of exceptional power. The dragon, of course, was known as Tragor, and as his reign of death and destruction began to spread, so did his infamy. Tragor assaulted the people and the lands near Keljin in Greyhelm, and to the east in the lands of Lorinorea. Tragor made his home in the mountains of what is now known as Greyhelm, and he and his minions rampaged the surrounding countryside until the people of Calamere rose up against him.

Calamere is a place long gone from this world, where only occasionally whispers breathe life back into their history. It was located in what is now Lorinorea, but also overlapped surrounding areas as it was a kingdom of no small significance. The people of Calamere were fierce warriors, and well versed in the dealings with dragons as this was not the first they had faced.

On one particular day, the men of Calamere laid a trap for Tragor. A large group of them hunched over in a field wearing the skins of cattle across their backs, waiting for the dragon to land and try to eat his fill. Time passed, until eventually they heard the great woosh and flap of the leathery wings...for a moment the sun went dark as the great dragon passed in front of it. Tragor landed heavily in the field, and was surprised to discover an army of men as they threw off the cattle hides and more poured out of holes in the ground that had been covered over by weeds and dirt.

The men of Calamere threw ropes with large metal hooks attached to them at the dragon, occasionally hooking on a scale or spine. They continued this assault for several minutes, keeping Tragor grounded while the more heavily armored fighters charged. At this point Tragor let out a deafening bellow that echoed for miles, and he let forth a stream of acid that showered the first wave of attackers and turned them into little more than pools of liquefied flesh and bones.

In the distance a single hunting horn sounded, followed quickly by a second. A third horn answered the call, and then several more... The Calamere solders rained down a constant hail of arrows and spears as Tragor continued to fend off the attackers who managed to successfully keep him grounded, though they were unable to control his limbs.

Again the horns sounded in sequence, much closer than the last time. Then, a rider on a horse appeared over a hill, followed by a second to the west and two more from the south, and finally two more for a total of six. The riders thundered towards the dragon, their green armor shimmering in the sunlight. The warriors of Calamere saw the approaching riders, but remained focused on their target. In and out the warriors of Calamere would dart, hacking and slashing at the dragon before retreating out of it's reach. Occasionally a warrior would misjudge his attack, and Tragor would rip him asunder with his great claws or shatter bones like twigs with a swipe of his great tail.

Tragor then took a deep breath, filling his great lungs with air, and when he exhaled a thick, greenish fog spewed forth and covered the battlefield, making it difficult to see or breathe. The men of Calamere seemed to vanish in the fog, but having fought dragons before they remained undaunted and pressed the attack as the damage began to take its toll on Tragor. Despite being bound, Tragor's flailing and attacks slaughtered the Calamerians in great numbers, but on they pressed.

At this point, a Calamere warrior emerged from the ranks, adorned with a bright red banner and silver armor, and charged the dragon. Tragor turned toward him, mouth opened to deliver a deadly blast of acid. The brave warrior dropped to his knees and took cover behind his gleaming shield as the blast of acid struck it and was deflected around and past him. Only slightly singed, the warrior stood and continued his charge, ducking under the first swipe of the dragon's claws and diving out of the way of the second. As Tragor lunged in to bite and crush the warrior in his powerful maw, the warrior sliced a deep gash underneath the dragon's neck, seriously wounding it but not immediately fatal.

Simultaneously, the mounted Dragon Knights slammed into the massed warriors of Calamere, bringing death and destruction at great speed as they rode through the melee and cut the ropes holding their master to the ground. Despite this, the warriors fought on and continued wounding Tragor down the length of his body. As Tragor spread his wings in preparation to carry himself airborne again, the warrior who had struck the great blow earlier again slashed out and carved a deep gash into one of Tragor's wings. Bleeding from all sides and growing more sluggish, Tragor began to beat his great wings, but at first to no avail. The Dragon Knights fought on, but for each man of Calamere they cut down, two pressed forward to fill their fallen comrade's place, and eventually all but two of the Dragon Knights were pulled or knocked from their mounts and slain.

With a great effort, Tragor finally took flight and turned toward the mountain. With a thunderous roar, the dragon then spewed forth one final blast of acid which fell over the battlefield like rain. The intermixed angry and anguished screams of the Calamere warriors rose up through the fog, as the two remaining Dragon Knights broke free of the fighting and quickly spurred their mounts to carry them out of sight.

Tragor fled the area and eventually took refuge in a cave to hide and recover, where he was soon joined by the two remaining Dragon Knights. Both Jonzen and his brother Tonzen were taken aback by the condition of their master, which was far worse than either had imagined. They both did everything within their powers in an attempt to heal the great dragon, but it proved to be of no use. They had failed their master...Tragor was mortally wounded, and his life was fading fast.

Sensing the futility of his Knights' ministrations, Tragor then pulled a small amulet, shaped like a small dragon claw holding a sphere, from underneath one of his scales. He then spoke to the brothers, saying, "This body has failed me. You shall have the chance to redeem yourselves, for you shall raise me into even greater power through death." Tragor then began chanting, while holding the amulet close. The energy in his voice began to build, slowly growing as the amulet began to glow. The chanting finally reached a climax, and with a bright flash of light from the amulet Tragor's body slumped lifelessly to the floor.

Jonzen picked up the amulet from where it fell, and was shocked to hear Tragor's voice in his mind just as clearly as he'd heard it moments before with his ears. "Raise me in this vessel and I shall reign for all time." It was very clear to both Jonzen and Tonzen what they must do. Holding the amulet between them, they heard the words of a ritual fill their heads. As they listened to the words, they realized that this was no ordinary ritual; it would take every ounce of their ability to perform, in addition to facing the chaotic nature inherent in magic of that magnitude.

Despite this, the brothers began the ritual without hesitation, having not taken their commitments to their now dead master lightly. The amulet began to glow as they chanted, slowly growing brighter and brighter as the brothers began to struggle to contain the energy swirling about them. They were soon forced to squint in an attempt to shield their eyes from the brightness of the amulet as the intensity of the ritual began to overwhelm them; uncertainty began to creep into their minds as to their ability to complete it successfully. In that moment of hesitation, the amulet erupted in white light and an enormous surge of mystical energy flung the brothers apart and into opposite walls of the cave.

Struggling to his feet, Tonzen shook off the pain he felt as he looked around the cavern for his brother. Jonzen, unfortunately, was not so lucky. Tonzen found him sitting against the wall, conscious but in shock, his eyesockets nothing but gaping cavities from where the energy of the backlash had completely destroyed his eyes.

Tonzen was at somewhat of a loss, for his brother had always taken the lead for the two of them. He was not without hope, however, for there were a total of eight Dragon Knights whom had sworn allegiance to Tragor. While he had not been able to raise his master with the aid of his brother, Tonzen felt that surely they would succeed with the aid of their other two comrades. He helped Jonzen to his feet and led him to a small alcove in the cave where he could hide, giving him the amulet to hold, and then returned to his horse where he set out as quickly as possible for the Great Hall where the others would be waiting.

As Tonzen entered the Great Hall, a sense of dread washed over him as the doors slammed shut behind him. High overhead, two lifeless knights in bloodstained green armor hung from the great rafters. At the front of the room stood a large man flanked by a group of men and a standard bearer carrying a red banner. Tonzen realized there would be no escape as men grabbed him from behind and held him. His feet were quickly bound with rope, the other end of which was quickly thrown over a rafter so that he was soon hanging helplessly by his feet.

What transpired next was nothing short of brutal, though it was quite effective. Tonzen told the Calamere warriors almost everything they wished to know as he was slowly and systematically dismembered. The Calamere even went so far as to cauterize the wounds with torch flame in order to prolong Tonzen's agony while they questioned him. Soon they had all the information they wished to know, save the location of the cave where Jonzen was hiding. When they realized that Tonzen would not divulge its location, the Calamere warriors finally ran him through and left his corpse on the floor as they razed the Great Hall to the ground.

Though they would search for months, the Calamere warriors never managed to locate Jonzen, the amulet, or the remains of Tragor. In time, their concern for the fallen Tragor and a blinded Dragon Knight faded, and the tales soon faded into their history which itself has now largely been lost.